Understanding Great Misconceptions About Men and Women's Fitness


There are a lot of misconceptions about fitness that I feel have been around for ages and I am surprised that many of them are still circulating because of how old they are. In this blog, I will address misconceptions that I hear most frequently and explain why they are not true.

The first misconception I will dismiss is the idea that fat can turn into muscle. This misconception has been around for ages and to me and other people who are knowledgeable about fitness find extremely silly and I will explain why it makes no sense to think it. I will also address a very prevalent misconception, which is the idea that the sugar in fruit is the same as the sugar in soda or a pastry. This is an extremely common misconception and I hear even Personal trainers Staten Island claim this to be the truth but it is not and I will explain why. In addition to addressing these misconceptions, I will explain how one of the best things you can do to get in shape if you need some assistance is to try online fitness training. Online fitness training is the new age form of personal training because of its wide range of benefits. Not all services that offer online fitness training are equal, so I will elaborate on how you can make sure you get a good service.

The second misconception to be discussed is that like men, women can also gain too much muscle mass

Women need not concerned about gaining too much muscle mass because they do not have enough of what is called androgen hormones to do this. Androgen hormones are hormones prevalent mainly in men which cause all of the masculine features that men have. These hormones account for why men have deeper voices, more body hair and more muscle mass. Women have very few androgen hormones at all, which is why they are not really capable of gaining much muscle mass. The women who do gain a lot of muscle mass are typically the female bodybuilders and like most professional bodybuilders, they achieve an incredible amount of strength and muscle mass through the use of anabolic steroids. If you think about it, not even the top female athletes have very much muscle mass and they train with weights all of the time. If the top female athletes in the world cannot gain very much muscle mass, then what are the chances any other woman can?

The third misconception to be addressed is the idea that fat can turn into muscle.

I remember taking a physiology class and a student said that he/she though one of his friends gained a lot of muscle mass because his fat had become muscle. It was incredible to me that someone who was taking a physiology course and someone who I know for certain had taken kinesiology and other such courses related to how the human body performs could think something like this. Stored fat has nothing to do with the actual growth of muscle. The growth of muscle has to do with the androgen hormones we already discussed as well as growth hormones and proteins.

The last misconception I want to touch on is the idea that all types of sugar are the same.

This isn’t true at all. There are a lot of different kinds of sugars. Table sugar is called sucrose. The sugar in fruit is called fructose. The difference between these two sugars is mainly the fact that fructose does not cause your blood sugar level to increase very quickly while sucrose causes a big spike in your blood sugar level. When there is such a spike in your blood sugar level there is a greater likelihood, it will be converted into fat.

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