Best Exercises for Women to Help Them Get Rid of Belly Fat and Tone Their Abs
Being a woman, are you looking get rid of your belly fat but finding it hard to find the right exercise programs? Well, the thing is workout routines for women and men are pretty much the same. However, instead of giving you the whole muscular, hard rock six pack abs body, we will concentrate on giving you a body with a low-fat percentage, making it lean and toned.

If you are looking to burn fat, consider doing Resistance Training

Interval training alternating high-intensity periods into your cardio workouts together with periods of recovery Resistance training repetitive exercises with weights, which works to increase muscle strength and endurance.

The second point probably got you thinking 'oh no, I don't want to get huge muscles'. The fact is that resistance training will give you strength, without all that bulk. This makes you physically stronger, as well as reducing your risk of injury and keeping your heart healthy. Interval training is also considered one of the best and effective ways to burn body fat.

If you have already got rid of your belly fat and already have an overall lean body, but want to tone your abs, try:

1. Decline Crunch - Lie down on the decline bench and secure your legs at its end - Place arms either behind the head or crossed on the chest - Contract your abdominals and push down with your lower back until the shoulder blades are fully off the bench, but your lower back should still remain on the bench. - Lower slowly to the initial position and repeat

The decline crunch will work the midsection, and while performing, don't gain momentum, concentrate on slow controlled movement.

2. Nose to Knee Crunch - Obtain a plank position with hands on the stability ball and toes on the floor - Move right knee towards your nose. Stay for a second and repeat reps with each leg

It works the core, gluts, hips, chest muscles as well as your shoulders; it's a lot working at once. For this reason, it is included as one of the best abs exercises for women!


Now you have got your whole body covered since the interval training will give you a full body workout, while resistance training will sculpt your body as well. These Best Crossfit Staten Island workouts will also work your abdominal muscles. You now have your routine, not designed for men, but especially made workout routines for women.


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