Working out is an activity which both men and women are interested in doing. However those who are inexperienced in doing workouts in a gym, the experience is certainly or most probably out of the way particularly when they are not sure from where to start.  The insight is even more intriguing when you are interested in undergoing strength training and the weights sections of the gym are replete with muscle guys who are throwing dumbbells on the ground. However, building muscle delivers a range of benefits, which include removing your excess body fat and, beefing up your body through regular activities, and most probably even keeping up your brain health.

By the way, we at The Squat Academy share the four best exercises for women to whom our gym is exclusively dedicated. Integrate them into your fitness routine and you will wow to witness incomparable results in a short time!

1. Deadlifts

Deadlift is the ticket for those who are interested in stepping up their overall strength. Chew on it, what could be more practical than lifting a heavy weight from the ground? However we, at The Squat Academy, are of the conviction that the deadlift is a special exercise that is a part and parcel of everyone's workout schedule. After all, deadlift is a versatile workout activity that remarkably beefs up your hips, glutes, backs and legs as well as improves your metabolism.

2. Squats

Squat is another worthy compound activity that aims at beefing up strength and improving your metabolism. Although this activity is fundamentally focused on legs yet few know that it is instrumental in beefing up your body from head to feet. If you are concerned about focusing on your back with the squat, there are several variations that put less pressure on the spine like the front squat or goblet squat.

3. Weighed up thrusts

Before you embark on weighed up thrusts, here is a caveat for you to take a look at. Once you overcome the embarrassment and begin to see the noticeable difference this workout can bring about, you will enjoy doing it more and more! Precisely, doing weighed up thrusts, your glutes will become more powerful and you will be able to witness significant improvement in your other lifts.

4. Overhead Press

Are you planning to build attention-grabbing sculpted shoulders and arms while working the rest of your body too? If yes, then you will love doing overhead press!

This exercise is done while standing and it helps largely in developing your core and stabilizing muscles in your trunk.

Try out this workout with dumbbells and you will be stunned to see great results across your shoulders.

For more information on the best exercises for women, you can get in touch with one of our professional personal trainers Staten Island who will help you end to end body and soul.


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